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We have some information for Tampa to Miami International Airport (MIA). The Name of the Tampa Airport is Tampa International Airport (IATA: TPA) and Miami’s Airport name is Miami International Airport (MIA). Tampa International Airport and Miami International Airport are the major airports of Tampa and Miami respectively.

Some Stats for Tampa Airport and Miami International (MIA)

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  • The distance between Miami to Tampa International Airport (TPA) is 282 miles.
  • The Time taken by any airline/ Cheap Flights from Miami to Tampa International is one hour.
  • Many Direct flights serve in between the Miami (USA) and Tampa International Airport , route on a daily basis.
  • You can find flights between Miami International (MIA) and Tampa International Airport with more than one stop.

Traveler Information for Miami (MIA)

  • The city was founded On July 28, 1896.
  • River: The Tampa River is the Major River.
  • Low Temperature: January is the coldest month in Miami (MIA).
  • Best Time to travel: from about mid-February through May in Summer.
  • Famous For: Vizcaya Museum and Garlas, The Miami Seaquarium, Bayside Marketplace, Venetian Pool, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area and many more places available.
  • Main Airport: Miami International Airport (MIA).

Miami (MIA) Airport Facts and Figures

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) is kid friendly.
  • Miami International (MIA) is having World-CSANs Cuisine.
  • Find best Wi-Fi services on Miami Airport (MIA).
  • Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports (with huge crowd).

Traveler Information for Tampa

  • The city was founded in 1849.
  • River: Hillsborough River (Florida) is the Major River (97 km long).
  • Low Temperature: January.
  • Best Time to travel: September to December.
  • Famous For: Busch Gardens, the fun of a zoo, etc.
  • Main Airport: Tampa International Airport[TPA].

Tampa Airport Facts and Figures

  • Tampa International Airport (TPA) is kid friendly.
  • Tampa International Airport (TPA) is having World-Class Cuisine.
  • Find best Wi-Fi services on Tampa International Airport (TPA).
  • Tampa International (TPA) is an airport with huge crowd.

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Flight reservation from Miami to Tampa (MIA-TPA) is available with EBookTrip. Miami to Tampa (MIA-TPA) Flight reservation is a process to confirm your Seat in the flight with respective airline in advance. Contact us on the phone to reserve Miami to Tampa MIA-TPA flight tickets. EBookTrip is offering Miami to Tampa MIA-TPA on the cheapest price ever. Miami to Tampa MIA-TPA flights available on EBookTrip.

Most frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I know how many Cheap Flights are delayed in between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Tampa International Airport (TPA)?

A: Search on EBookTrip Search bar and get live results.

Q: Please disclose the number of flights from Miami (MIA) ?

A: Many airlines provide non-stop flight services from Miami International Airport (MIA) to O'Hare International Airport.

Q: How many Non-stop flights from Miami to Tampa ?

A: More than 10 flights.

Q: How far is Tampa International from Miami (MIA)?

A: 282 miles.

Q: Time taken and distance covered by the flight from Tampa Airport to Miami International (MIA)?

A: More than one hour are taken to cover 282 miles.