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Cheap Flights From Los Angeles To Costa Rica

With you can get cheap flight tickets from Los Angeles to Costa Rica. Nothing can be better than saving money on tickets and spending it on exploring the city. You can make unforgettable memories whether you fly with friends or family. You will get support from our customer service representatives at every step if you require assistance and you can get additional services as well. Hurry and book your flight quickly.

Learn the details about Los Angeles Airport and Costa Rica Airport-

Get the details to travel to Costa Rica-

Coldest month-

The months of September through November are the coldest months.

Best months to travel-

You can visit Costa Rica between the months of December to April. The weather is dry and bright ideal to explore the city.

Popular locations-

About the Juan Santamaria International Airport-

Things to do in Costa Rica-

The flights from Los Angeles to Costa Rica can be booked easily by calling or you may use our official website to book the flight on your own. The details are given below.

How to book on

A confirmation email from will be sent to you.

Tips to get additional discounts -

Most frequently asked questions-

What is the cheapest month to fly from Los Angeles to Costa Rica?

How many flights are from Los Angeles to Costa Rica in a week?

Can I carry more than the baggage weight allowance?

How many major airports are in Costa Rica?

Can I change the departure date for my flight to Costa Rica?

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