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How do I Manage Airline Booking?


How do I manage airline booking?

After you have finished making your flight reservation and then due to some unforeseen circumstances, you are required to make changes, cancel, upgrade a seat, or add some special extra services to your booking. In those instances, the only way you can proceed is to either use the feature provided by the airline which is the Manage my Booking tool visit its website using the online portal, call the airline’s customer service team, or make a visit to the airport.

However, if you are finding it difficult to process it, then no worry!

In order to make it easier and save time for you to manage it, the methods and its steps with complete descriptions are listed below. You can contemplate it before taking further action.

The procedure to manage bookings through the Airline’s website:

Managing a flight booking through the airline’s website is considered as one of the easiest methods to utilize. For that, you just need to visit its official website. And follow the on-screen instructions, which are also listed below:

  • To begin the process you are required to visit its official website.
  • And you must log in using your account credentials
  • Then you must navigate the Manage My Bookings tab.
  • Now, you have to provide the details of your booking such as confirmation code and the last name.
  • Following that, you have to choose the option to make changes on your booking under the manage bookings tab.
  • Furthermore, you can add additional services (if required).
  • After you are done with the modification, you will be redirected to the payment section.
  • Once your payment for the changes is successful, you will receive a confirmation message from the airline.

Thus, this is the way to manage your flight booking with the airline through its website.

Alternative methods for managing flight reservations

There are other methods available to manage a reservation in addition to the above listed process, which are accessible around the clock. Such as:

Mode 1: Through Phone call

Using the phone call process to manage your booking is also considered as one of the most efficient methods to apply. The process is very simple , you just need to obtain the customer service number from its website. And then make a call to the number and get connected with the airline’s executive and request them to manage your flight booking on your behalf as per your requirements. The executive will then work through it making it simple and easier for you.

Mode 2: Using Mobile Application

Nowadays many airlines make it simple for their customers to use their services by introducing the smartphone application. Using this application you can manage your booking as well. To quickly access this feature, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • You must first download the airline's mobile app
  • And Sign up using your credentials.
  • Then Select the Manage My Booking section.
  • Opt for the subsection you relate to.
  • Provide the information required for the changes.
  • Subsequently, you will receive the notification.

This is a pretty simple method to follow and may be accomplished without any complications.

Mode 3: Visit the  Airport

To make changes to your reservation using this method, you will need to go to the airport and speak with a customer service agent at the helpline desk. But be certain to carry the reference number and passenger details from the previously purchased ticket along with you.

Leading worldwide airlines and the services they offer

The following is a list of top-notch airlines that provide certain essential services to its customers:

American Airlines

Considering American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world. Over the years, the aviation services provider has expanded its global presence and improved the quality of services it provides.  This is one of the main reasons why travelers rate American Airlines such high ratings. American Airlines has established a solid reputation for providing high-quality aviation services by connecting flights with various locations across the globe.

United Airlines

With over 130 destinations in more than 60 countries, United Airlines is the third-largest airline in the world in terms of both route networks and fleet sizes.

Depending on the requirements of the passengers, United Airlines offers a selection of cabins and seats in different pricing ranges. They strive to make the long-haul journey as comfortable as possible for the passengers while still offering them an exceptional flying experience.

There are numerous options for in-flight entertainment available on United Airlines. An entertainment system with various functions and contents is installed on the back of each passenger's seat.

Delta airlines

With flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide, Delta Airlines is one of the most well-known airlines in the world. 

On the seatback screens, passengers have access to a large range of films, TV series, music, and games. Long flights are far more pleasurable and help pass the time quickly when done this way.

Additionally, Delta provides free Wi-Fi on a few flights so you may continue your connection while in midair. Generous baggage allowances are provided by Delta for domestic as well as international travel. Travelers are permitted to check up to two bags at no additional cost and bring up to three carry-on goods.

British Airways

A flight is only one aspect of the British Airways Experience. Regardless of why you are traveling, the key is to make each trip as unique and memorable as you are.

Substantial baggage restrictions are available, along with complimentary carry-on luggage. Kids who are over two receive the same amount as adults, and necessities like strollers and child seats are included.

You can anticipate the same distinctively British service in all of the cabins, whether you're watching movies in Economy, lounging on flat-bed chairs in Business, or sleeping in First Class.                                                               

Lufthansa airlines

In terms of passengers transported, it serves as the second-biggest airline in Europe. Moreover, it is one of the original five members of Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world, which was established in 1997.

On long-haul flights, there are three different travel classes available: Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. Discover Airlines offers both an Economy Class and a Business Class on its short- and medium-haul itineraries.

Excellent on-board entertainment can be expected with Lufthansa's in-flight entertainment. High above the clouds, you can anticipate a vast array of gourmet choices, the latest blockbusters, internet access on board, and extensive retail choices.

KLM Airlines

For a wonderful KLM travel experience, tourists typically choose Royal Dutch Airline, which is well-known for numerous reasons. Regardless of the type of fare, KLM provides excellent services to all travelers. KLM staff members are always there to provide assistance when needed, whether it be with meal service, baggage assistance, attending to passengers' medical requirements, or providing assistance to young children.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has grown in popularity among tourists on a tight budget considering their affordable tickets. Spirit Airlines' affordable rates are without a doubt one of the main benefits of scheduling a trip with them. Apart from their affordable base tickets, Spirit Airlines regularly provides special offers and discounts that can further minimize the cost of your flight.

Spirit Airlines' reasonable prices are without a doubt one of the main benefits of scheduling a trip with them.


You will have a better idea of how to manage your reservation and what has to be done after following the instructions and information above.  Additionally, you will be conscious of the leading global airlines providing the greatest services to their customers.

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