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Where is the cheapest place to fly to from London?


Where is The Cheapest Place To Fly to From London?

With connections to most airlines and destinations worldwide, London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest in the world. From London, you can plan your holiday to the most exciting places in the world without breaking your bank balance. Great deals can be found on flights to international locations, especially in European countries. Continue to read and find out some of the best places to visit from London and explore within a limited budget. 

Budget-Friendly Places to Fly from London

Spending a lot of money on travel might not be a good idea when you save money by choosing the cheapest and best places for a vacation. Are you thinking, Where is the cheapest place to fly to from London today? If yes, then continue to read and provide a variety of places and destinations to explore within your budget. 

  • Malaga, Spain

Flights to Malaga start from just $72. Another city from a European country, it’s a great option for Londoners for a budgeted trip. The city makes your vacation special and unforgettable with over sixteen most famous and cheerful beaches and many great sites.  

  • Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is definitely among the most expensive cities in the world, but not when you fly to the city from London. Due to the proximity between the two cities, the flights are cheaper. However, the hotels can be expensive. So, you can visit the city during the off-season. For beginners, Dublin is a perfect place to explore a country's history, historical sites, and culture. 

  • Milan, Italy

Visit the home of major fashionable brands of the world. The city is well-known as the fashion capital of Italy. Come to the oldest shopping mall, Galleria, and find the best deal on the most famous and renowned brands, all in one spot. This is one of the Cheapest Places to Fly from London. So, don’t wait; book your ticket now. The city has much more to offer you, with great art and architecture, customs, and vibrant culture. 

  • Nantes, France

Think of France, and the first place that comes to mind is Paris. This hides some of the other most exciting and vibrant cities of the country for tourists that offer great fun under your budget. Low-cost airlines offer flights to Nantes from London at just $72 to $100; even luxurious and renowned flight tickets start at just $215. Book your cheap flight now. 

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

As one of the great financial centers and cultural capitals of the Netherlands, the city is well-known as the alpha city in the world. It has a well-preserved history, art, and culture with old sections, flavors, and distinctive colors. The city is ready to make your holiday special within a limited budget. Low-cost to luxurious airlines can be booked within a price range of $78 to $400. 

Which Airlines Fly to London? 

Before you book a flight, you are advised to compare the prices of different airlines to find the cheapest flights to London available. Here is a list of airlines that offer budget-friendly flights to its passengers: 

  • EasyJet: This is a low-cost airline that provides flights to London, mostly from European countries. Try this for a cheap flight. 
  • KLM Airlines: Again, this airline's base is in the Netherlands, a European country that allows it to offer the best price to London. 
  • Lufthansa Airlines: If you are looking for the best inflight services, book your ticket with this airline, but try to book early. Otherwise, you will not be able to crack a cheap deal. 
  • Ryanair: Fly with Ryanair for cheap flights to London. 


Explore the best places by taking cheap flights from London. If you are concerned about your budget, refer to the paragraphs above and learn about some of the hidden gems that are affordable to explore. Also, know the best flights available within your budget.

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